Thursday, October 28, 2010

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ASP was recently featured in a great article on entitled, “The Young Millionaires Club.” Despite the fact that 15 million people are faced with unemployment, there are many opportunities still out there and entrepreneurship is a great option. This article features four entrepreneurs who took a risk in starting their own business and became millionaires before the age of 30. Stewart Vernon founded ASP at the age of 22 directly after graduating college, when he saw a void in the pool service industry. The article discusses Stewart’s journey in launching ASP as a franchise and how the brand has expanded to 56 franchises throughout the southeast. A portion of the article is included below and it can be read in its entirety by clicking here.

The First Million Before Age 30

With 15 million people still unemployed in the U.S. and companies being tight on their spending, it’s easy to throw your hands up and say, “But nobody’s hiring!”

The truth is, if no big corporation is hiring, YOU can hire you — Become an entrepreneur. Study different types of business and figure out a niche where you can make money. All it takes is an idea and the drive to take it to market.

Stewart Vernon
, of Macon, Georgia, was always entrepreneurial, running a door-to-door car-wash and detailing business when he was a teenager. When he graduated from college, he knew he wanted to start his own business and saw a need for better service in the pool-service business.

So, he used the few thousand dollars he’d saved up in college and in 2001, bought truck and some chemicals. And, he spent a few weeks shadowing a local pool cleaner who was about to retire. To get customers, he went door-to-door.

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