Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yearly Owners Meeting Winners

On December 9th, 2011 America's Swimming Pool Company held their annual Owners Meeting. This all day event consisted of a yearly updates from the corporate office and presentations from ASP's vendors. Every year, ASP also awards their best franchisees in 4 categories: 1) Best new Franchise Start -2011, 2) Franchisee of The Year - 2011, 3) Highest Gross Sales - 2011, and 4) Same Location Sales Increase - 2011.

This year we had a tie for Franchisee of the Year and 13 locations who increased their sales in 2011.

The winners are listed below. Congratulations to all of the ASP locations!

Best New Franchise Start - 2011

Highest Gross Sales - 2011

Same Location Sales Increase - 2011

And finally our Franchisee's of the Year - 2011 are:
Congratulations to everyone and we are looking forward to what 2012 has to offer. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company Expanding to Texas

America's Swimming Pool Company in 11 years has grown to 72 territories across seven states and is looking to continue this amazing growth throughout the state of Texas.

ASP recently brought on a new franchisee in Dallas, which created the hub for the brand’s growth throughout the state of Texas. In Dallas, Herschel Forrester started a pool care service in 1992 and earlier this year converted to ASP to help grow his bottom line and supply him with name recognition, marketing support and better training/systems.

In the last two years, year-over-year company-wide sales increased 35 and 50 percent, respectively. And this September is the strongest Stewart Vernon, ASP's Founder and President, witnessed to date. 

Do you know anyone in Texas that may want to convert or go into business with ASP?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in Pool & Spa News

America’s Swimming Pool Company was featured in the November edition of Pool & Spa News built from an interview with Stewart Vernon titled, “Stewart Vernon & Stanley Steemer.” The article focused on companies, outside of the pool industry that Stewart had used and evaluated to constantly evolve the ASP procedures, best practices and the franchise model as a whole. After having consistently outstanding service numerous times with Stanley Steemer, Stewart took a look at their system to see how the 64-year old concept was able to succeed for so long.  By understanding the flat-rate pay scale, the reliability of the company and the consistent service, Stewart was able to learn a thing or two from this iconic company and implement improvements to the ASP system. In just 11 years, ASP has grown to 72 territories across seven states and year-over-year system wide sales have increased 35-50%. Click here to view the article.

By: Erin Ansley

Four years ago, Stewart Vernon hired the national franchise Stanley Steemer to perform a water extraction, but decided at the last-minute to add another service to the job order. The technician didn’t even blink.

“Without having to call the franchise office, without having to look anything up, he was able to pull out his information, quote me exactly what it cost, tell me how long it would take, and then process the payment right there,” says Vernon, who founded Macon, Ga.-based America’s Swimming Pool Co. in 2001. 

This personal experience altered the way he viewed the pricing structure for his own swimming pool service, maintenance and remodeling franchise, and contributed to the philosophical concept of the flat-rate system it eventually adopted. In doing so, he has allowed the employees to facilitate or control some of the work that previously the franchise owners had to do, Vernon explains. “Now, if we’re out to install a pump and the homeowner asks us to change the sand in the filter, we’re able to tell them exactly what price that will be and how long it will take, and collect payment based on that.”

Friday, November 4, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company's Yearly Owners Meeting 2011

It’s that time of the year again! 

On Friday, December 9th, ASP is hosting their Yearly Owners Meeting in Macon, GA. The Yearly Owners Meeting highlights the successes of all ASP franchisees. 2011 has been a great year for us! We had over a dozen stores that had double digit same store sales increase. These store were all franchisees that have been in the system over 2 years! 

To add to the celebration of the day, we will be giving out a few awards. The awards include "Franchisee of the Year" and "Best New Start Up in 2011". 

We look forward to see everyone on December 9th!

Friday, October 28, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured on

America's Swimming Pool Company was featured on in an article entitled, "I sleep with my business partner." The article was written by Catherine Clifford, and features ASP Franchisees Ryan and Courtney Eiland. The Eilands talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being spouses and coworkers in a small business work environment. Click here to view the entire article.

By: Catherine Clifford

Before starting their pool company in 2007, the Eilands considered it a backup plan. But less than a year later, Ryan was laid off from his job in pharmaceutical sales. He began working on the company full time, while Courtney continues to do some interior design.
The couple currently has one shop, and plan to open a second one in the winter. They have eight employees.
They've found that working together on their small business has many benefits vs. being at a large company.

Monday, October 10, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

America's Swimming Pool Company was recently featured in the AJC in an article entitiled, "More older workers try the entrepreneurial tack." The article was written by AJC Sunday business writer Russell Grantham and it features ASP’s Dan Meehan. Meehan discusses his decision to invest in franchising late in his professional career as part of a trend of professionals starting their own businesses later in life. Please view the entire article below.

Friday, October 7, 2011

America's Best Pool Party Facebook Contest Comes to a Close

Our “America’s Best Pool Party” Summer Photo Contest has officially come to a close! 

This contest was extremely successful for ASP! The contest ran on Facebook from April 18th to September 5th. We had a total of 33 entries during this time and our page grew by 1,036 fans! We chose 10 finalists from the 33 entries and began voting on September 7th. The voting process allowed our fans to vote for their favorite photos once a day, till the end of the voting period. At the close of the voting period, on September 30th, we had a total of 1,427 votes.

The first and second place photos, which had the combined total of 1,148 votes, are featured below. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we have!

First Place Winner -  Unhappy Kids
Second Place - Little Stu, the Shetland Pony, catching some rays!
Thank you all for making this contest such a success for us!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Franchisee Profile: Amanda and Giorgio Lopez of Clermont & Orlando, FL

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Location: Clermont and Orlando
Phone Number: (850) 316-1719

Q: Where are you from?
A: Giorgio was born and raised in Aruba and moved to the United States in 2005.
Amanda: I am from the Pensacola area and then moved to Orlando for school.

Q: What was your career before franchising?
A: Amanda: I actually worked in franchising before we began our business adventure almost a year ago. I worked for US Lawns in their franchise sales department for almost two years which is how I learned so much about franchising and the franchise systems. Giorgio was primarily a student before opening the business and had always worked with his father in his various businesses in the area so this was really his first small business experience as an owner and operator.

Q: How did you learn about the brand?
A: We had been discussing possible work options and we were looking on craigslist ads and ended up coming across an existing pool maintenance company in the Orlando area which caught our attention. Then of course we started researching the pool industry and did a Google search for pool repair and maintenance franchises and America’s Swimming Pool was one of the first companies that we came across. We filled out the form online and then Tom and Stewart from the corporate office gave us a call. Our process was very quick and within a few months we had the business up and running. 

Q: Why did you decide to open your own business?
A: We both have always wanted to own our own business and wanted to stay in Orlando after college because we already had a house and had built a life in the area. Also, with Giorgio’s father owing different businesses, he was a true entrepreneur and that allowed us the ability to know that we wanted to open a business of our own.

Q: What was appealing to you about joining a franchise system?
A: After working in franchise sales for two years, we both understood the value of going with a franchise system rather than starting up a business on your own. The initial investment was lower and the opportunity to get started quickly was there with franchises. One of the biggest things was that the systems had been proven and it wasn’t something that we would have to come up with recording and paper work process; we didn’t need to invent the wheel over again.

Q: What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today with your business?
A: We have a day to day struggle with market saturation, especially in Orlando. There are a ton of single person pool operations that are unqualified and therefore able to undercut costs so it has been a struggle to make our brand stand out. Additionally, our age has been a challenge because we are so young, so we have been determined to demonstrate our hard work and ensure that every customer is satisfied with the service that America’s Swimming Pool Company provides. We are constantly looking for ways to show new customers that even though our prices aren’t as low that we have the expertise, training and national brand recognition that has constant training and provides the best customer experience.

Q: Are there any prominent industry trends that you are experiencing right now?
A: We have noticed a spike in customers who are interested in making more economical choices when pool pieces need to be replaces and we have been installing a lot more pumps and parts that are more efficient and economical or cut back on chemical usage. We started noticing this ‘green’ trend around the beginning of the year when pieces needed to be replaces so Giorgio has been doing a lot of these repairs in Orlando and Clermont. Homeowners are interested in these pieces because they cut back on the bills and also provide a more environmentally friendly approach with pools.

Q: What are your expansion or development plans?
A: We are definitely interested in growing and developing America’s Swimming Pool Company throughout the entire market but don’t have any solid plans yet as we haven’t even been owners for a year. We would like to add a store in Clermont by 2012 or early 2013 depending on the continued success and at some point would like to also add one in Orlando.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Franchisee Profile: Michael Duggan of Athens, GA

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Franchisee since: January 2010
Location: Athens, Ga.

What is your background?
I grew up in Macon, Ga., and graduated from First Presbyterian Day High School. I then attended Georgia Southern University and graduated with a B.S. in chemistry. Currently, I am 24 years old and operating the business.

Why did you choose to invest in an America’s Swimming Pool Co. franchise?
Coming out of college, my options were to work in Northern Iowa doing agricultural research, or work with my former high school football coach, Chris Stewart. He is the insurance supplier for ASP - America’s Swimming Pool Company and bought the Athens franchise, offering me the opportunity to run it. I did my research on ASP and decided that route was the best career opportunity. This allowed me to live closer to my fiancĂ©, who lives in Statesboro, Ga. I took over operations of ASP in January of 2010.

How has your business grown since you took over?
When I started, we had one account after a year of business. Within a year of me working there, and the location’s second year overall, we had about 13 accounts. We doubled that last year and now have 27 accounts, seven of which are commercial.

What has allowed you to become so successful with ASP so far?
I just followed the plan and procedures set in place by ASP. The plan has worked for every location (ASP has had a zero-percent failure rate). I went to “Pool School” – ASP’s training program in Macon – and have become a member of Business Networking Inc. in Athens, which has helped me network in the community.

What sets yourself and ASP apart from competitors?
My background in chemistry sets me apart because I understand the chemistry of water and how pools work a lot better than the average pool maintenance professional. Also, the level of professionalism required is just a lot higher than I’ve seen, in terms of customer service and promptness when it comes to appointments. Most competitors show up dressed in whatever, but we wear uniforms, and that also helps to create brand recognition throughout the area.

What are your expansion/development plans?
I’m interested in expanding in to the Monroe or Gainesville territories once we maximize our potential in Athens.

America’s Swimming Pool Company, the Nation’s most respected swimming pool maintenance and repair franchise, was established in 2001 by Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia. The company was built on the belief that providing the highest-quality pool maintenance with competitive pricing and a high level of dependability will attract customers. Since 2005, ASP has expanded into 56 territories in the Southeast, servicing over 100 cities across the country. At this point, the company manages over 40 million gallons of water per week and renovates or remodels more than 250 pools each year. For information, please visit

Thursday, September 8, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in The Albany Herald

America's Swimming Pool Company was recently featured in The Albany Herald. The article titled, "Albany Man In The Swim Of Things With New Business" features ASP franchisee H.J. Chandler discussing how he made a late career change. Chandler ran his own Atlanta-based company for 15 years but when the economy started to decline, he began looking at other opportunities. He learned about ASP through a friend of his wife's, who knew ASP founder Stewart Vernon. Soon after, Chandler moved to Albany to open an ASP franchise. Click here to view the entire article.

Albany Man In The Swim Of Things With New Business
By: Jim West

 -- For 15 years, H.J. Chandler enjoyed the good life, running his own Atlanta-based financial services company. Then came tougher times for many in the industry, and Chandler was no exception. It was 2007 when things went seriously sour, Chandler said.
He tried to save the business he'd had so long, drawing from savings and moonlighting as an apartment painter. At various times, he sold repossessed vehicles and commercial equipment. Nothing served as more than stopgap measures, and Chandler was picking up speed in the wrong direction.
"Financial services was my real thing," the businessman said. "I hoped if I could keep it going, then things would get better."
According to Chandler, he and his wife, Lauren, came to realize that something had to be done. They began investigating small businesses, both franchise and independent. Chandler had considered the "Dumpster," or refuse-hauling business, and thought it might do OK for them.

(Read More)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in the Duluth Patch

America's Swimming Pool Company was recently featured in an article in the Duluth Patch titled, "Changing Careers Leads to New Success." The article features ASP Franchisee Dan Meehan who discusses how he made a career change very late in his professional life in an attempt to stay ahead of the declining economy. He invested in ASP and now has locations in Duluth, Norcross and Cumming. He has 51 clients and is looking to expand to more locations. Click here to read the full article.

Changing Careers Leads to New Success
By: Jeff Corbin

Ten years ago, Dan Meehan was among the countless number of Americans riding an economic roller coaster.

Stock market instability and high unemployment created great uncertainty. Jobs were drying up as many found themselves newly out of work.

Meehan had spent more than 30 years with technology companies large and small, mostly in sales positions. He then worked for years as a recruiter finding sales professionals for Altana tech firms.

"It took two to three years before the market came back to even be able to really make any living at all," Meehan said of the 2001 situation.

Fast forward to 2008, and Meehan was again witnessing an all-too-familiar scene. A stock market crash and joblessness were once again the dominant economic realities nationwide.

(Read More)

Monday, August 29, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in Aqua Magazine

Stewart Vernon, chief executive officer of America’s Swimming Pool Company was featured in Aqua Magazine discussing the conversion opportunities that the company provides to entrepreneurs with existing pool businesses in an article titled, “Spotlight: Stewart Vernon, CEO, America’s Swimming Pool Company, Macon, Ga.” Stewart discusses the conversion that recently occurred in the Dallas market, where the existing business owner, Herschel Forerster, was looking for a way to continue growing his business after over 20 years in the industry. What franchising systems provide to an existing operator is an opportunity to help with marketing, to have a nationally recognized brand and to cut expenses with national buying power. Click here to view the entire article.

By: Aqua Editors
A long with opening new pool service companies, ASP also does franchise conversions. What motivates a service company owner to become a franchisee?
Well, our most recent conversion was in Dallas, Texas. This was a guy that met our typical criteria — he owned a successful pool business with well over half a million dollars in sales. He started exploring our conversion program, and it took a good two months for him to really see the value of it.
In the short term, he was looking to take his business to the next level. Long term, he was looking to improve his brand, and ultimately for a future generation, possibly an exit strategy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Worth Their Salt? Pools Where Chlorine Isn't King

By: Shalini Ramachandran

By this stage of summer, days spent at the swimming pool have left many children with frizzled hair, red eyes and itchy skin.
A growing number of pool owners, both private and public, blame the chlorine in the pool—and are trying so-called saltwater pools and other new technologies that promise disinfection with fewer annoyances and maintenance hassles than standard chlorine additives. First introduced to U.S. swimming pools in the 1920s, chlorine is credited with helping arrest the spread of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
[SALINE]Kurill Brindle and her daughters, 10-year-old Britton and 6-year-old Devlin, love the saltwater pool the Fort Bragg, N.C., military base they live on installed this spring. "The water feels soft on your skin," and her daughters don't have to wear goggles underwater anymore, Ms. Brindle says.

They remember the chlorinated indoor pool they used to swim in when they lived at Fort Bliss in Texas. "The girls' swimsuits would get kind of worn and you'd smell like chlorine on your hair and skin," says Ms. Brindle.
So-called saltwater pools are the most popular alternative to conventional chlorine systems, making up about 13% of the roughly 10 million residential and commercial pools in the U.S. in 2010, according to Duluth, Ga., pool-market-research firm P.K. Data Inc.
The term saltwater is a little confusing. The pools don't actually contain seawater and are only 8% to 9% as salty. Rather, salt reacts with electricity at the source of the water flow to generate high concentrations of pure chlorine that are then dispersed through the pool. This doesn't allow the formation of itch- and stink-producing byproducts that conventional chlorine pools produce.
Other unconventional alternatives to chlorine include systems that release ozone gas or shoot beams of ultraviolet light through water to kill bacteria, viruses and algae. Others use streams of charged metal atoms to kill nasties. These systems still require occasional dosing with chlorine or other chemical disinfectants, but as little as 10% of what conventional pools call for, say manufacturers and distributors.
Lynn Trahan, a homeowner in The Woodlands, Texas, says he was turned off by how saltwater pools still use chlorine and picked UV-light technology when he revamped his home pool three years ago. Now, he uses only 0.2 part chlorine per million parts water—down from 1.5 ppm previously—as an added disinfectant in the water. "It's crystal clear," he says.

Jason Arthurs for the Wall Street Journal
Devlin Brindle, left, and her sister Britton, right, enjoy the water.
The cost of alternative disinfection systems can be high, from $900 for a saltwater chlorine generator for a home pool to as much as $8,000 for a residential ozone generator. The systems can save money over the long term, however. Traditional liquid and tablet chlorine costs up to $700 a year for a residential pool owner. Periodic so-called shock treatments to raise the chlorine level can be $150 and higher for a home pool, depending on pool size and use.
Despite these up-front costs, sales of alternative systems have shot up over the past few years. Andrew Rupnow, president of the Ozone Co. in Madison, Wis., says ozone-system sales rose 56% last year. Daniel Lee, chief executive of Georgetown, Texas-based SpectraLight Technologies Inc., which manufactures UV-light generators, says sales have more than tripled over the past two years. Neither would specify sales figures.
No federal laws regulate pool disinfection, but most states mandate chlorine levels for commercial pools at or above the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended one to three parts per million of water.
Traditional chlorine continues to hold 80% to 85% of the swimming-pool market share, according to P.K. Data.
"We would be seeing a lot more outbreaks of E.Coli and Norovirus if we didn't chlorinate," says Michael Beach, the CDC's associate director for healthy water. The CDC says it isn't aware of any outbreaks caused by depending solely on alternative methods, the byproducts of which haven't been closely studied yet.
Some recent studies indicate the effects of conventional disinfection methods may go beyond just irritation.
A study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives in November found that a chlorinated pool in Barcelona generated a chemical byproduct suspected of increasing risk of asthma in elite swimmers and others capable of mutating DNA, says Susan Richardson, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chemist who helped lead the study.
That said, while research has found increased asthma diagnoses among elite swimmers, researchers have found no consistent link between pool use and childhood asthma. A 20 country study over 10 years by the World Health Organization published in 2006 concluded that any risk from exposure to chlorination byproducts was small, and had be weighed against the risks of untreated water and the health benefits of swimming.
"The chlorine itself does not pose any known health risks," so long as chlorine and pH levels are kept within recommended ranges, says Brian McKenna, a spokesman for the Chlorine Chemistry Division, a trade association in the American Chemistry Council.
A new health code being developed by the CDC in conjunction with the aquatic industry, to be released in parts over the next year, could herald changes to chlorine standards by legitimating the use of ozone and ultraviolet light as secondary disinfectants.
Tom Lachocki, CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation, a nonprofit that funds pool research, says about 80% of new, large water parks and aquatic facilities feature UV-light generators. These are used to improve air quality in indoor swimming pools and protect swimmers against cryptosporidium, a chlorine-resistant parasite that can cause gastrointestinal ailments.
Steve Sherman, owner of Lafayette, Calif.'s Sherman Swim School, was an early adopter, installing an ionizer alongside his chlorine system 12 years ago, allowing him to reduce the use of chemicals. "We don't have as much of that dry skin, burning eyes and dry hair you find at other pools," he says. "This is way softer on the body and helps minimize the effects of chlorine on the students."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Franchisee Profile: Dan Meehan of Norcross, Duluth & Suwanee, GA

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Name:  Dan Meehan

Location: Norcross, Duluth, Suwanee

Q: Where are you from?
A: Originally I was from New Jersey but I moved to Georgia about 30 years ago and have lived in the Norcross-Duluth area.

Q: What was your career before franchising?
A: My background is in technology sales and technology recruiting where I worked for companies like IBM and Honeywell from 1971 to 2008 before I decided to change careers and open my first small business. The technology industry is growing rapidly and there had been so much evolution in the industry but when the economy started to crash, many of the sales jobs were cut. When I started to notice the direction of the industry, I decided it would be a good opportunity to step out and start my own business because it had always been something ii was interested in doing.

Q: How did you learn about the brand? What was your process?
A: I immediately knew I was interested in opening a franchised business concept because of the training, support, structure and outlined business model that they provided. However, initially I had no idea what type of company I was interested in, the only thing I did know was that I wanted to be in the service industry. After conducting some internet research, I looked out my window at my pool and started thinking about the lack of professionalism and unreliability of the pool service industry which is when I started looking into pool franchises. I found three companies, one was in Australia, one was in California and was just being launched and one was in Macon, Georgia. The obvious choice was to meet with the Macon franchise company, America’s Swimming Pool Company, and I called Stewart and Tom and within a few days, I drove down to meet with them in person. What I liked about them was they were sharp and very honest and were more than willing to answer every question I asked, which made me feel confident when making my decision.

Q: What obstacles have you overcome to get where you are today with your business?
A: One of the hardest things that I found when launching the business was at the time we didn’t hardly have any brand recognition and the majority of the companies operating were small mom and pop companies and that was even in the industry as a whole. We spend a large amount of time doing door to door marketing and making phone calls to get business in the first year but having a sales background, I feel that really helped contribute to my success.

Over the past three years I feel that we have been able to establish ourselves on a national scale and now when we are mentioned in the industry, people know what America’s Swimming Pool Company is that that is exciting. In addition, with the help from Stewart and Tom and the strong support of the franchise system, I have been able to triple the amount of business.

Q: What makes your business different?
A: The clear level of professionalism that America’s Swimming Pool Company provides to our customers. We focus on the whole experience from the professional dress with logoed shirts and hats along with the strong customer service element and it amazes me to this day how often our customers are surprised when we arrive to appointments on time. We make sure to always clearly explain to our customers in clear English what is going on with their pools or what needs to be done and of course we always call if we happen to be running late for an appointment. In this industry, customer service standards aren’t very high so we try to go above and beyond for every customer.

Q: What areas do you service?
A: I service Norcross, Duluth, Dunwoody and Suwanee.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Franchisee Profile: H.J. Chandler of Albany, GA

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Some companies are too big. Some are too small. But for H.J. Chandler, America’s Swimming Pool Co. is just right. When he and his wife decided to move nearly 200 miles south of Atlanta to Albany, Ga., Chandler began thinking about what his next business step would be. With a strong background in sales, spending much of his career in the financial services industry until the markets collapsed in 2007, Chandler knew he wanted a company that had a product he believed in. After hearing about ASP from a family friend familiar with the brand, he realized the opportunity was perfect for his family. “To me, the situation was kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, just trying to figure out what the right fit was,” Chandler said. “After weighing all my options, looking at the risks and the rewards for each opportunity, I decided that the risk I’m taking with ASP isn’t as great as it would be with other companies, and the return is greater.”

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: I was born in Atlanta, but grew up just outside of Rome, Ga.

Q: Before franchising, what did you do?
A: For the past 15 years or so, after graduating from the University of Georgia, I’ve been in a variety of sales capacities. I’ve primarily worked in the financial services industry, opening up my own finance company that I wound up shutting down in 2007. When the market crashed, I had nothing to sell anymore. I have also spent time independently selling repossessed vehicles, selling equipment down in Central and South America, and selling commercial HVAC products. I also owned a small contracting business that did commercial clean outs of buildings, but most of that fell off in 2007 as well. Before becoming involved with ASP, I owned a Jani-King franchise for some time.

Q: How did you hear about ASP?
A:  A close friend of my wife grew up with the founder, Stewart Vernon. I began conducting my due diligence back in November 2010 and looked into a couple of different opportunities, some franchise and some not. My wife and I wanted to move from Atlanta down to Albany, which was a big change for us, and this brand seemed like the right fit for us and for this area.

Q: Why was this brand the right fit for you?
A: First of all, the guys that run the operation — Tom and Stewart — are pretty sharp guys. To me the situation was kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, just trying to figure out what the right fit was. After weighing all my options, looking at the risks and the rewards for each opportunity, I decided that the risk I’m taking with ASP isn’t as great as it would be with other companies, and the return is greater.

I feel like the brand as a whole is committed to excellence and being involved with it is a way to be part of a brand that is growing throughout the country. Every individual unit adds value to each other, and this is something that will be able to be built up over time.

Q: Why is Albany a good market for ASP?
A: There are a lot of pools in this area, which is a big thing. I don’t know exactly how the market was serviced prior to my arrival, but I did see an opportunity to bring a better product to the area. With the training from ASP corporate, I’m also able to bring the best service available.

Friday, August 5, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company Social Media Contest, "America's Best Pool Party" Extended

Great news! America's Swimming Pool Company has decided to extend their "America's Best Pool Party" contest. We have been receiving great submissions so far and really want to get more! The new dates are as follows: Submissions end September 5th, 2011, Finalists will be selected Sept. 6-10 and Fan Voting begins Sept. 12.

With this extension, there are great picture opportunities available. One such opportunity is the 2011-2012 school year about to begin. We know there will be a lot of back to school/end of the summer pool parties to ease the kids back into the school year which gives you great entry opportunities.  Also, this extension falls over Labor Day weekend. This 3-day weekend is a great one to capture some photos on! Remember, these pictures can be of anything, just as long as they show you and/or your friends having fun at the pool during this HOT summer season!

Friday, July 29, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company Social Media Contest, "America's Best Pool Party" Coming to a Close

Next week is the last week to submit photos into ASP's summer photo contest. ASP already has a total of 10 awesome submissions and want more! All fans have to do is submit photos of themselves enjoying the summer by the pool onto ASP's Facebook page. These photos can be of themselves, of friends/family, or fun tricks and dives. Creative ideas are welcomed!

After next week, finalists will be chosen during August 8th - 15th and a tab will be created for fans to vote on their favorite picture. Voting will be held from August 16th - September 11th with a winner being announced on the 12th.

Don't forget, the prize is either a $500 gift card to Lowe's Home Improvement or $500 ASP credit!!

For inspiration, check out some of the entries already received.

Baby's first swim.
Chilling at the pool with my pony.

Group Water Aerobics.

Fire Power!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nation’s Largest Pool & Spa Maintenance Franchise Makes Waves by Donating Pool

Macon, Ga. — In a summer of unbearable heat in an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, America’s Swimming Pool Company did the unimaginable midway through the height of the pool season. After hearing the heart rending story of 4-year-old Madison Barfield, the franchise chose to donate a pool to help the child and her family.

Madison, who cannot speak, lost the use of her arms and legs due to Rett’s Syndrome, a disease that attacks the nervous system and motor skills. Under the leadership of Jessie Brooks, America’s Swimming Pool Company franchisee in Milledgeville, Ga., the franchise stepped in to provide the girl with an aqua therapy pool to help reverse some of the disease’s effects.

Until Brooks, America’s Swimming Pool Company and all of its generous vendors stepped in, the pool was a far-fetched dream for the Barfield family.

"Once I met the Barfield family, and Madison, I became immediately involved trying to figure out what we could do as a company,” Brooks said. “My team was more than willing to help rebuild the pool and our vendors through America’s Swimming Pool Company were incredibly generous, donating various components to help us complete the pool.”

Some of the largest donations were from PoolCorp, which donated pieces for the pool deck and miscellaneous parts to complete the pool; Pentair, which donated the pumps, filters and cleaners necessary to keep the pool running effectively; and Latham, which manufactures vinyl liners that created the shell of the pool. All of the donations were essential components to the project, assisting in creating the finished pool for the Barfields.

"Our company could not be more proud of Jessie Brooks and his ASP team for seeking out, and completing, such an incredibly generous project for this family,” said Stewart Vernon, founder and chief executive officer of America’s Swimming Pool Company. “Our sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to our vendors, who stepped up to the plate and made this project possible with the goods and materials they provided. Together, everyone did their part and provided a gift to this family that otherwise was not possible."

In today’s economic climate, companies such as America’s Swimming Pool Company and its vendors, PoolCorp, Pentair and Latham, are crucial in showing that small businesses can make a difference in small communities across the country. With the dedicated team assembled, Madison now has the tools to help combat her rare disease and potentially have the chance to regain her motor skills, paving the way for the possibility that she could one day walk.

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ASP-America’s Swimming Pool Company, the Nation’s most respected swimming pool maintenance and repair franchise, was established in 2001 by Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia. The company was built on the belief that providing the highest-quality pool maintenance with competitive pricing and a high level of dependability will attract customers. Since 2005, ASP has expanded into 72 territories in the Southeast, servicing over 120 cities in 7 states across the country. At this point, the company manages over 50 million gallons of water per week and renovates or remodels more than 250 pools each year. For information, please visit

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