Friday, March 18, 2011

Franchisee Profile: Tina Brown, franchisee of Greenville, SC

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Franchisee since: March 2011
Location: Greenville, SC

Tina ran her own pool management service before being introduced to Jimmie Meece, owner of ASP of Clemson. The two began a successful business relationship, and when Jimmie called with an opportunity to join the system she took the chance to enter an industry she calls “highly lucrative.” Tina opened in Greenville, SC in March 2011.

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: I was born and raised in the Greenville area.

Q: Before franchising, what did you do?
A: Before joining ASP I was actually already in the pool industry. I few years ago I decided I didn’t like the way my community swimming pool was being maintained or managed. When the board said there was nothing they could do about it I volunteered to do it myself. I finished the Certified Pool Operator program and managed the pool for three years.

Q: How did you hear about ASP?
A: While I was managing the pool, I needed to get some repairs done and asked an associate to recommend an honest repair company that would be fair. He suggested I speak with Jimmie Meece, who turned out to be the owner of ASP of Clemson. That turned into Jimmie quoting a few repairs for our homeowners and he became my go to guy for pool service. I worked with Jimmie for three years before he called me out of the blue one day and asked if I wanted to buy the Greenville, SC territory for ASP. At that exact time I was ready to get into the business, so we took the opportunity.

Q: Why was this brand the right fit for you?
A: Being in the business, you run across some pretty undesirable people who do what you do. I’ve met so many commercial and residential pool owners who are fed up with the typical pool guy that when I saw how ASP operates I knew it would be successful. ASP is a quality business—it’s not some guy showing up at your pool with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and his shirt untucked. They’re honest and have built up a reputation for doing great work.

Q: What have been some career milestones for you/your business?
A: I believe ASP has one other female partner but I think I’m the first female owner/operator in the system. My location is also going to be unique because in addition to the repair and maintenance service we will be offering a lifeguard/management service. That means we’ll send a CPO to visit your pool 3 times a week—as required by South Carolina law—and can also provide certified and trained lifeguard during pool hours of operations.

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