Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ASP featured in Greenville News

Recently, America’s Swimming Pool Franchise was featured in the Greenville News in an article entitled, “Greer Mom Dives into Pool Business.” Tina Brown, ASP’s Greenville franchisee, was highlighted in the article as ASP’s first female franchisee. Brown got into the pool industry while trying to help her homeowner's association improve conditions of her neighborhood's swimming pool. She was directed to ASP’s Clemson franchisee, Jimmie Meece and learned about the franchise opportunity with ASP. She saw the exceptional customer service and high quality product and realized that there was a strong demand in the Greenville market for this type of service. She decided to become a first-time business owner and introduce ASP to the Greenville community, where she has already experienced a tremendous amount of success. Since its creation in 2001, ASP has expanded throughout the southeast, where the brand now has 72 franchises and services over 100 cities across the U.S. You can view the full article below!

Greer mom dives into pool business

GREER — Tina Brown's efforts to improve her neighborhood's pool transformed her from a stay-at-home mom to a business owner.

Brown has opened the first Greenville franchise of America's Swimming Pool (ASP) Co.

Based in Macon, Ga., ASP is a swimming pool maintenance and repair company with 68 franchises in seven states.

Brown is also the first female owner/operator in the ASP franchise system, said Stewart Vernon, who started the company nine years ago.

“To me, that's an incredible tribute to Tina, her work ethic, and her desire to succeed in an industry that is incredibly male dominated,” Vernon said. “I'm thrilled by the fact that we're seeing a female owner/operator break into this industry and go into competition against a primarily male dominated industry.”

Vernon said he hopes to see more females come into the ASP system.

The company has eight franchise owners operating 15 territories, Vernon said. He said plans are to continue expanding into the Southeast and Southwest markets.

Brown serves the Greenville area, offering maintenance, renovation and repair of residential swimming pools, as well as lifeguard services.

She got into the pool industry while trying to help her homeowner's association improve conditions of her neighborhood's swimming pool.

“I went to several board meetings with my complaint. Their hands were tied,” Brown said. “They did everything they knew to do. They investigated, they asked questions, they interviewed several service providers and weighed their options but the choices were limited.”

Brown decided to become a certified pool operator to improve the pool herself.

When a man came out to locate an underground water leak, she asked him to recommend a pool repairman. He referred her to Clemson ASP franchise owner Jimmie Meece.

Brown had been maintaining the HOA pool for four years when she got a call asking if she would be interested in the Greenville franchise.

She researched the company on the Internet and later attended one of the owners' meetings. She, along with her husband, also visited the company's headquarters in Macon.

“We were completely impressed and we decided that if we were blessed enough to be able to join, we would,” she said.

Brown met ASP's franchisee qualifications, which include possessing a strong work ethic and good people skills.

She is staying busy today as the local ASP franchisee.

“I have to stay busy and I think my parents have a lot to do with that,” said Brown, whose teenage son now works with her. “They raised me to be productive and not to sit still and be lazy.”

Her desire is to grow the franchise large enough to serve all of Greenville County “with a respectable company that provides exceptional service and quality employees.”

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