Thursday, September 8, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in The Albany Herald

America's Swimming Pool Company was recently featured in The Albany Herald. The article titled, "Albany Man In The Swim Of Things With New Business" features ASP franchisee H.J. Chandler discussing how he made a late career change. Chandler ran his own Atlanta-based company for 15 years but when the economy started to decline, he began looking at other opportunities. He learned about ASP through a friend of his wife's, who knew ASP founder Stewart Vernon. Soon after, Chandler moved to Albany to open an ASP franchise. Click here to view the entire article.

Albany Man In The Swim Of Things With New Business
By: Jim West

 -- For 15 years, H.J. Chandler enjoyed the good life, running his own Atlanta-based financial services company. Then came tougher times for many in the industry, and Chandler was no exception. It was 2007 when things went seriously sour, Chandler said.
He tried to save the business he'd had so long, drawing from savings and moonlighting as an apartment painter. At various times, he sold repossessed vehicles and commercial equipment. Nothing served as more than stopgap measures, and Chandler was picking up speed in the wrong direction.
"Financial services was my real thing," the businessman said. "I hoped if I could keep it going, then things would get better."
According to Chandler, he and his wife, Lauren, came to realize that something had to be done. They began investigating small businesses, both franchise and independent. Chandler had considered the "Dumpster," or refuse-hauling business, and thought it might do OK for them.

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