Tuesday, November 15, 2011

America's Swimming Pool Company featured in Pool & Spa News

America’s Swimming Pool Company was featured in the November edition of Pool & Spa News built from an interview with Stewart Vernon titled, “Stewart Vernon & Stanley Steemer.” The article focused on companies, outside of the pool industry that Stewart had used and evaluated to constantly evolve the ASP procedures, best practices and the franchise model as a whole. After having consistently outstanding service numerous times with Stanley Steemer, Stewart took a look at their system to see how the 64-year old concept was able to succeed for so long.  By understanding the flat-rate pay scale, the reliability of the company and the consistent service, Stewart was able to learn a thing or two from this iconic company and implement improvements to the ASP system. In just 11 years, ASP has grown to 72 territories across seven states and year-over-year system wide sales have increased 35-50%. Click here to view the article.

By: Erin Ansley

Four years ago, Stewart Vernon hired the national franchise Stanley Steemer to perform a water extraction, but decided at the last-minute to add another service to the job order. The technician didn’t even blink.

“Without having to call the franchise office, without having to look anything up, he was able to pull out his information, quote me exactly what it cost, tell me how long it would take, and then process the payment right there,” says Vernon, who founded Macon, Ga.-based America’s Swimming Pool Co. in 2001. 

This personal experience altered the way he viewed the pricing structure for his own swimming pool service, maintenance and remodeling franchise, and contributed to the philosophical concept of the flat-rate system it eventually adopted. In doing so, he has allowed the employees to facilitate or control some of the work that previously the franchise owners had to do, Vernon explains. “Now, if we’re out to install a pump and the homeowner asks us to change the sand in the filter, we’re able to tell them exactly what price that will be and how long it will take, and collect payment based on that.”

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