Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Franchisee Profile: Bryan Hoffman of Hilton Head, South Carolina

Name: Bryan Hoffman                                  
Opening Date: February 28, 2012
Brand: America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP)                                                                            
Location: Hilton Head – Beaufort – Bluffton, SC.

Bryan Hoffman grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, before attending college at Appalachian State.  Bryan graduated with a degree in hospitality and tourism.  While in school, Bryan began working for his brother’s pool maintenance company and soon discovered a passion for the industry.  He then moved to South Carolina where he began working for The Hilton Ocean Front Resort.  He is currently the General Manager for America’s Swimming Pool Co. in Hilton Head, which is owned by Jeff Flournoy, a multi-unit franchisee which owns the Augusta, Georgia location.

How did you learn about the brand?
I had been in the pool business for quite some time and I heard about the ASP brand and its growth. 
I heard that they were opening a location in my area and I jumped at the opportunity to find out more information.  After applying for the position I was offered an interview with Jeff and Stewart Vernon, CEO of ASP.  I was ultimately hired based on my extensive credentials and experience within the industry.

What was appealing to you about joining a franchise system?
The proven success of the company and a system backed by years of experience makes for an efficient management scenario through ASP.  I have seen and been a part of pool companies in the past and now working for a franchise there is no comparison.  ASP has an incredibly professional system.

What makes your business different?
The personable pool service is what separates ASP from its competitors.  We make it a point to listen to our customers and build a trusting relationship, because it’s very important to have someone you trust in your backyard.   At ASP we have a high standard of communication with our customers and we treat them all with the utmost respect, making sure they are always satisfied.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are now?
The greatest challenge with starting a new business is gaining market share from the established presence of existing companies.  I am extremely confident that with the ASP system and my experience we can break through this barrier and flourish throughout the community. 

Do you see any parallels between your previous work and now?
The level of professionalism from my work in the hotel business is the biggest asset brought to the table.  As a manager, I hold a high standard of professionalism, which is perfect because I feel that my values line up perfectly with those of ASP.

What are your expansion or development plans?
We are currently working on building a presence in the community and expanding our customer base in the first year.

Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of business?
My greatest passions would be fishing, playing golf, and Appalachian State football!  I am a huge fan and I still actively follow them.

About America’s Swimming Pool Company
America’s Swimming Pool Company, the Nation’s most respected swimming pool maintenance and repair franchise, was established in 2001 by Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia. The company was built on the belief that providing the highest-quality pool maintenance with competitive pricing and a high level of dependability will attract customers. Since 2005, ASP has expanded into 93 territories in the Southeast, servicing over 175 cities and nine states across the country. At this point, the company manages over 60 million gallons of water per week and renovates or remodels more than 250 pools each year. For information, please visit www.ASPpoolco.com

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