Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mesa Man Lands 1st AZ Branch of Ga. Pool Firm

America's Swimming Pool Co.'s has a story featured in The Arizona Republic about a Mesa native, Clint Rowley, who has a reputation for turning businesses around. Now, the 34-year-old entrepreneur is turning his sights to the pool industry, becoming America's Swimming Pool Co.'s first Arizona franchisee at 950 E. Brown Road.

By: Maria Polletta

From building up his own pest-control company and upping membership at a women's gym to dramatically increasing billings at a paramedical company, Mesa native Clint Rowley has a reputation for turning businesses around.

Now, the 34-year-old entrepreneur is turning his sights to the pool industry, becoming America's Swimming Pool Co.'s first Arizona franchisee at 950 E. Brown Road.

Rowley said he decided to contact the national pool-maintenance, renovation and repair company after encountering hundreds of neglected pools as the owner of Real Property Management, which oversees about 1,400 properties in the Valley.

"We were getting calls from tenants saying, 'Our pool is green, our pool guy doesn't show up,' " he said. "It's a very fragmented market. There are lots of pool vendors or companies that are small and can clean a pool, but they don't really know what they're really doing in terms of the management or business side. We were throwing them more work than they could handle."

Georgia-based America's Swimming Pool Co. hadn't originally planned on expanding to Arizona, despite dramatic growth in more than 175 U.S. cities since its founding in 2001, according to CEO Stewart Vernon.

"It was a little west of where we wanted to expand," he said. "But Clint was beyond qualified, and we knew he'd be wildly successful being from Mesa, being a business owner and having those contacts. His premise was that he was already dealing with swimming-pool contractors on a regular basis and felt he could provide a higher level of service."

The number of Arizona pools hurting for year-round maintenance further convinced Vernon.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Rick McKnight Dives into Swim Business Venture

Rick McKnight, ASP franchisee owner for the Longview, TX territory, has been featured in Read the full article by clicking here.

McKnight dives into swim business venture
By: By Mike Elswick

Rick McKnight was looking for a career change and said going into business for himself was something he wanted to investigate.

He worked in the environmental programs area for the East Texas Council of Governments for years and was ready to see what opportunities might be available. Mc-Knight started doing research on his own into possible ventures when he enrolled in the eight week small business startup course offered by the Kilgore College Small Business Development Center this spring.

McKnight did not waste any time putting what he learned in the course to use in his own business. On July 1 he became the owner of a Longview-based franchise of America’s Swimming Pool Co.

“This is a good fit and a good opportunity for me,” he said.

Of the business startup course, McKnight said he would seriously recommend it to anyone contemplating going into business for themselves.

“I took a lot from it,” he said. “I was in the middle of the class when I found the franchise.”

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Tips for Closing your Pool During the Off Seasons

Design Pool & Spa online offers proper steps on how to close down your pool for the off seasons. As fall approaches, it's best to take proper precautions to make sure this is done correctly. Click here to read the full article.

Pool Closing Tips: Protect your Pool During the Off Seasons

As the fall months approach and pool season winds down, it’s time for pool owners to start preparing to close their pools. Proper closing measures are essential in maintaining a healthy pool for future summer seasons to come. Design Pool & Spa offers the following tips to get your pool ready for winter:

1. Balance the water chemistry one last time within a week of the pool closing to ensure all levels are within the ideal ranges.

2. Treat any algae prior to close. Be sure to allot for the time it will take to treat the algae before closing. This is not usually something that can be done a day or two before closing.

3. Choose your closing chemical program (consult your in store professional for recommendations). Keep in mind some closing chemicals require a certain amount of time to be in the water before the pool can be closed.

4. Vacuum, skim and brush the pool as close to the actual closing time as possible. Debris left in the pool over the winter can cause staining and algae in the spring.

5. The filter(s) inside of cartridge filter systems should be removed, cleaned and stored in a dry place away from rodents. There is a chemical that the filters should be soaked in to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.

‘Things to keep in mind regarding your pool closing’

1. In-ground pool plumbing and equipment need to be “blown out” to prevent against pipes bursting and the damage of underground plumbing over the winter time. This should be done with the use of a heavy duty compressor NOT a shop vac. Due to the severe repercussions of incorrectly performing this step, it is highly recommended to have a professional close your pool or at least execute this step.

2. Depending on previous issues during the season, the water level may or may not need to be brought down for the closing. For example, if you have a vinyl liner pool and the liner has ever floated, you will most likely not need to drain down any water. Consult your professional for your particular pool’s needs.

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