Friday, July 26, 2013

What are you doing this weekend around your pool?

Thanks to Swim University for making this fun info graphic on all kids of ways to jump into a swimming pool.  *As always, safety first around water, make sure you are not alone, the others around you want to get splashed and that the pool is deep enough for a safe jump.*

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

State of the Industry!

ASP was featured in Aqua Magazine's service portion of their State of the Industry Issue:

Service Voice 2013: Stewart Vernon
For the service portion of our State of the Industry issue, we spoke we three of the industry’s leading
service professionals to serve as our “service voices.” In these profiles, they share how their businesses
fared last year, their strategies for success and their vision for the future. For 2013, we spoke with
Bob Nichols, Pete Coccaro, Jr. and Stewart Vernon.

Stewart Vernon
Founder and CEO
America’s Swimming Pool Company
Macon, Ga.
ASP is the country’s largest swimming pool maintenance and
repair franchiser. Currently, the company has 110 franchise
locations in 12 states.

How’s business these days at ASP?
Well, when you asked me that question last year, we were having our largest classes of incoming pool
school attendees. We launched 14 locations last year, which was a record for us.
If you break them down, the highest-performing locations did better last year than any of the highperforming
locations from the previous year. Last year’s class of new locations got off to a better start and
generated a higher amount of first-year revenue than we’d ever seen in the past.
Some of that was improvement in the response rate to marketing. We’re seeing customers really start to
buy in and believe in the variable speed pumps — the energy efficiency and energy savings that new
technology in the pool business is able to bring. We’ve really capitalized on this. We’ve seen a record
number of variable speed pumps sold last year. And this year, we’ve almost sold more in February of this
year than we did in all of last spring.
The new technology is well-branded in the pool business and we’re seeing the results of that. The
consumers are responding.

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