Tuesday, November 19, 2013


While things are turning colder we wanted to share this blog post for you to remember the fun you had this summer with the kids and the pool toys.  Do you have any of these Pool Toy Hall of Fame toys?

Pool Toy Hall of FameI highly doubt that swimming pool toys were used in the “Great Bath” of Mohenjo-daro. However, swimming pool toys have been entrenched in the overall swimming pool history. Pool games are much more fun with pool toys. Imagine a world where all you could do in a pool was swim laps. Even though, swimming laps in a pool is a great form of exercise and means to stay in shape. Luckily, you don’t have to live in that reality. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to the inaugural class into the “Pool Toy Hall of Fame”.

Pool NoodlePool Noodle

One of the most versatile pool toys on the plant, the pool noodle can be used to in the swimming pool to help with flotation. This is especially important for people who are learning how to swim. Pool noodle can also be used as aquatic exercise equipment. The pool noodle can aid in balance or be used as a resistance factor in the pool water. The pool noodle has be a favorite of children swimmers for ages. The noodle can be used in games such as Noodle Joust. Today, the pool noodle is be used outside of the pool as well. The pool noodle can be used to help with your golf swing or even inside your boots to keep them standing up. These are a few reasons why the versatile pool noodle is the first inductee into the Pool Toy Hall of Fame.  

Beach Ball in PoolBeach Ball

The beach ball gained popularity at its namesake, the beach, but it has definitely made an impact in another form of water and society. The beach ball was invented in 1938 by Jonathon DeLonge. Beach balls have been seen at sporting events as well as props in skits and costumes. A large amount of pool games involve a beach ball for fun. Games such as bummer balls are based on the inclusion of the beach ball.  The world’s largest beach ball was showcased in Poland and is almost 52 feet in diameter! That beach ball won’t fit in most swimming pools, but the beach ball has earned its spot in the Pool Toys Hall of Fame. 

Swim FloatiesSwim Floaties

Swim floaties have probably contributed more to swimming that any other swimming pool toy. Up to 65% of the United States population doesn’t know how to swim. Imagine what that percentage would be without the invention of swim floaties. The swim floaties gained popularity in the early 1900’s to ease parent’s worries when swimming became a part of school curriculums. The material and design of swim floaties have changed over time but still serve the same purpose and promote swimming. For their contribution to swimming as a whole, swim floaties are a welcomed addition to the Pool Toy Hall of Fame. 

Rubber DucksRubber Ducks

This inductee is a bit of a wild card in the Hall of Fame class. The rubber duck was invented in the late 19th century probably with a swimming pool a distant thought. However, the rubber duck can be seen in many aspects of swimming pool fun and games. Games like the Duck Push have made the rubber duck the focal point of the fun. Rubber ducks have been in include into the shape of the swim floaties and rings for children.  The world record for the largest rubber duck collection stands at 1,439 different ducks. That is A LOT of rubber ducks.  Since 2007, the world’s largest rubber duck, weights over 1,300 pounds, has been traveling world. According to Florentijn Hofman, the creator world’s largest rubber duck, it was produced to “Spread joy around the world.” For this very reason the rubber duck is the embodiment of a toy worthy of the Pool Toy Hall of Fame.    
Every inductee to the 2013 class of the Swimming Pool Toy Hall of Fame has contributed a special piece to the history and joy of swimming. From the invention of swim floaties to promote swimming, to the joy brought by beach balls, every member of this class deserves the title: Pool Toy Hall of Famer.  
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