Friday, September 5, 2014

Mesh vs. Solid Safety Covers

When purchasing a swimming pool safety cover, a choice must be made between a mesh cover and a solid cover. Before making a decision, it helps to know the pros and cons of each one.

Mesh Safety Cover
A mesh safety cover is the less expensive of the two types. Mesh covers are lighter, allowing for easier installation and removal. Mesh covers also allow water to drain through while keeping large debris out of the pool. Once dry, any debris on top of the cover can be removed easily with a leaf blower. However, mesh covers do allow a small amount of light and UV rays to reach the pool. This can accelerate algae growth if the water gets low on sanitizer.

Solid Safety Cover
A solid cover is a more expensive option than mesh. Solid covers block 100% of sunlight and UV rays, while also keeping rain water and debris from entering the pool. Solid covers must be ordered with either a mesh drain panel or a cover pump. These will prevent water from collecting on top and causing a safety issue. You have a much better chance of opening your pool with clear water in the spring if you use a solid cover.

The choice between a mesh or a solid cover comes down to personal preference and budget. Either one can give years of service and keep the pool free of debris during the winter months. For more help deciding which cover is right for you, click over to our Locations page and call the ASP nearest you!


  1. Winter is coming soon and I think I should invest in a swimming pool cover. I want to keep it nice and clean when spring comes. This information has been very helpful. I think I'll look into solid covers.

    Susan Hirst |

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